SIA in brief

SIA was founded in 1989 in partnership with RECORD France.

SIA is specialized in the design, development, production and sales of shock absorbers for light vehicles, vans, sport cars, 4 * 4 and trucks.

Thanks to the two brands SIA'AM and RECORD, SIA is the leader in the south of the Mediterranean.



SIA exports over 80% of its production and provides the main European car manufacturers with original parts. It also insures the subcontracting for the leading global automotive suppliers.


The SIA'AM catalogue consists of a wide range with over 3000 references and covers over 90% of the Mediterranean vehicles range.


In 10 years, SIA has reached more than the double of its turnover to attain 11 million € with an annual investment average of 800 thousand € in different means of conception, development and production.


SIA was able, after 25 years of experience, to be positioned as a trustful international manufacturer with a product of high quality and long service life. In order to maintain this reputation, SIA is continuously improving the quality and technology of its products to comply with the requirements of its customers.


SIA shock absorbers are manufactured from the best quality materials. Surfaces are machined to obtain the most tight tolerances and quality control is part of all stages of production.