Research & Development

SIA has a dynamic R&D team who works closely with the sales coordinators for a multi-disciplinary understanding of the market. Its concern is to be a pioneer in integrating new applications while ensuring the continuous improvement of the implemented technology.

The R&D team uses CAO design (3D) and simulation through finite element calculation using software as automakers standards.

An experienced team in the field of automotive suspension and shock absorbers

The staff in continuing training is supported by external experienced testers and also has a mission to test the shock absorbers in extreme condition. In trails or off track, these tests allow deep analysis of the behavior of the shock absorber and vehicles. The fitting and riding tests allows us to reach the best comfort for the car and its passengers.

SIA proceeds at the request of its customers with mobile workshop equipment to perform riding tests.

Laboratory and validation means

SIA has strengthened its laboratory by MTS machine, a new mean recognized by its high performance in testing and validation in the auto parts industry. Characteristics :

  • Hydraulic power 67 KN.
  • Velocity of 5 to 8 m / s.
  • Own frequency superior to 300Hz, 2 accelerometers and microphone.
  • All tests characterizations.
  • Noise and vibration tests (NVH).
  • Friction tests.
  • Durability tests of four shock absorbers at once with water cooling system.
  • Characterization and durability of heavyweight damper developing efforts up to 60 kN.

The already installed validation means consist of:

  • Schenck characterization machine (hydraulic actuator with variable stroke)
  • Horizontal actuator:
    - measurement of the stiffness of the whole shock absorber - Characterization and durability (bending durability) bracket / outer tube
  • Horizontal lathe: rotary flexion