News : 205 TROPHÉE MAROC 2016

SIA (Société Industrielle d’Amortisseurs) participated to the 9th edition of the “205 TROPHÉE MAROC 2016” that was held in Marrakech from April 10th to the 21st, 2016 as a sponsor of the team “Rallye Des Possibles”.

In sights, Marrakech as a final destination after a 12 days journey and almost 6000 km driven on the roads of France, Spain and then on the Moroccan tracks.
These are all elements that make the “205 TROPHÉE MAROC 2016” one of the biggest raid of Europe.

The vehicle Peugeot 205 GRD was driven by the team Sangan – Da Costa and was equipped by custom-made, Bi-tube SIAAM shock absorbers adapted to the competition vehicles.

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