SIA has a modern organization based on teamwork and the full involvement of each member in the short and medium term projects.

This organization includes:

  • A Sales and Marketing Department listening to customers and striving to provide a complete service.
  • A Research and Development Department constantly endeavoring to improve the product and expanding the range with new inserts covering the circulating vehicle fleet.
  • A Purchasing Department dedicated to the optimization of the suppliers panel.
  • A Human Resources Department which ensures that the commitment and talent of each of its employees contributes to the progress of the company and customer satisfaction.
  • A Quality- Health- Safety and Environment Department, which ensures compliance with international standards.
Président Directeur Général
Contrôle de Gestion
Assistante Direction Générale
Département Achats
Direction des Opérations Industrielles
Direction Marketing Commerciale&Communication Externe
Direction des Finances Comptabilité Informatique
Direction des Ressources Humaines&Communication Interne
Direction Qualité Hygiène Environnement&Sécurité