Help & Advice

Dismantling (fig1)

  • Loosen but do not unscrew the top center nut (l).
  • Unscrew the lower fixing (2).
  • Unscrew the upper mounting (3) and remove the shock absorber assembly.
  • Compress the suspension spring to remove any pressure on the center nut (l). Take the greatest number of turns between the hooks of the spring compressor.
  • Remove the central nut (1) and all the other parts from the upper part of the shock absorber, noting their positions (including the compressed spring).
  • Check the condition of the dismantled parts and change the defective parts, in particular the anti-bottoming stop.
In the case of a cartridge shock absorber: unscrew the worn nut (4) and remove the cartridge.

Priming (fig2)

Don't forget to prime by pulling the shock and compressing it vertically a few times.


1- For cartridge shock absorbers:
  • 1-1 Thoroughly clean the inside of the tube and pour approximately 50 ml of engine oil into it.
    Note : This dose of oil will be trapped between the cartridge and the tube to allow proper cooling of the shock absorber.
  • 1-2 Insert the replacement cartridge in the strut and if it comes with a centering cup (5), fit it (Fig3).
    Tighten the cartridge nut to the torque recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
2- Completely remove the rod and refit the suspension spring with the upper attachment, the dust cover, the anti-bottoming stopper and the new upper central nut.

Inspection after assembly

After replacing the front MacPherson struts, check the adjustment of the front axle.


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