Role of the shock absorber :

The primary role of a shock absorber is to keep the wheels in permanent contact with the road and to ensure maximum grip, especially when cornering or braking. This "ground contact" function is in fact one of the key components of the vehicle's safety.
  • Shock absorbers and springs should always be installed in pairs (front or rear) in order to maintain the vehicle's balance, ensure good road holding and effective braking.
  • New tyres and new brakes do not guarantee the safety of the vehicle if the shock absorbers do not work properly.

The risks of a worn shock absorber :

A worn shock absorber can be the cause of several dangers:
1st risk :
Taking bad road: important swinging on bends, aquaplaning
2nd risk :
Longer braking distance: At 50 km/h, the braking distance increases by more than two meters, and these two meters often make the difference between a safe stop and an accident.
3rd risk:
Reduced visibility at night: The oscillations of the body (rolling, swaying) prevent the headlight beam from remaining horizontal.
4th risk:
Premature wear of many vehicle parts : Wheel bearings, suspensions, cardan shafts, transmission shafts, gearboxes, ball joints and steering boxes, tyres, etc...

Signs of shock absorber wear :

  • Oil leaks: oil traces on the shock absorber
  • Rapid tyre wear
  • Unusual suspension noises, squeaking when slowing down
  • The vehicle tends to lean forward when slowing down or braking.
  • Excessive movement, bouncing and swinging from left to right when cornering
  • Vibration in the steering wheel
  • Deformation of the shock absorber body
  • A broken mounting component

Causes of shock absorber wear :

  • Distance travelled by the vehicle
  • Bad roads
  • The way the vehicle is driven
  • Overloaded vehicle
A shock absorber oscillates about 5000 times per kilometer. It is therefore recommended to have the condition of the shock absorbers checked every 20,000 km and to have them changed every 80,000 km.


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